Print to Fulfillment Agreement

JV Design Co Print to Fulfillment Terms of Service


JV Design agrees to print and fulfill merchandise with printed artwork under the following terms


Artwork Confidentiality

For the protection of our clients and their artwork JV Design shall agree to keep all artwork of clients confidential and agree that the artwork shall only be used for services directly contracted by the client or their stores. JV Design does not hold any rights of ownership to the artwork and agrees the protection of artwork is at the sole discretion of the client. JV Design agrees to get expressed consent from the client before displaying products with artwork on any digital platforms.


Copyright Agreement

By signing below you are agreeing that JV Design has the written permission to print and distribute your artwork under authorization of you (the client) or by one of your sales channels (etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc.) JV Design is not responsible for stolen artwork and the copyright, trademark or other forms of protection are at the sole discretion of the client.


Artwork Modification

JV Design has the right to modify, or alter any artwork to best suit the item or design it will be printed or distributed in. A digital proof of your artwork will be sent for approval before being made available for distribution. At any time the client may request a sample be printed and shipped at a whole price. At any time the client may request your artwork to stop being printed or distributed.


Sales Channel Ownership

JV Design is a print to fulfillment contractor. We do not own, operate or manage sales channels unless expressly agreed upon in writing. The platforms chosen for artwork and product distribution shall be managed solely by the artist or client. Clients will be responsible for collecting funds from sales and paying JV Design for work and services rendered. 


Order to Fulfillment Terms

JV Design Strives to Fulfill all merchandise within 4-5 days of order date. JV Design will to the best of their ability notify clients of shortages of inventory that may delay these turn arounds whenever possible. 


Payment Terms.

JV Design bills Weekly on Monday or Monthly on the first Monday of each month depending on sales Volume. Client has 7 days from invoice date to pay for services rendered. If payment is not received within this time frame JV Design reserves the right to put active orders on hold, Terminate sales agreements or both. 

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Signed On: December 24, 2021

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